Michael Jackson’s Backing Singer Clarifies If Michael Offered Her $2 Million To Have His Child

Michale Jackson‘s former backing singer Sheryl Crow opened up about the time when she was allegedly romantically involved with the ‘King of Pop’ and was offered $2 million to have his child during a recent interview with the Independent and revealed that those rumors were intentionally brought up by Jackson’s manager, Frank DiLeo who wanted people to think Michael Jackson was interested in women.

There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson is one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century with his music career that spans over more than four decades which included monumental studio albums such as ‘Thriller,’ ‘Off The Wall,’ ‘Bad,’ and many more in addition to his contributions to music, dance, fashion, and philanthropy.

His personal life, on the other hand, had a reputation filled with countless controversial moments from child sexual abuse allegations, to criticism over his fatherhood, to his changing appearance. One of the most famous matters of curiosity about Michael Jackson’s personal life has always been his sexual orientation since Jackson’s sexuality was the subject of speculation and controversy for decades despite his relationships with women.

As a matter of fact, Michael Jackson faced allegations of being gay since he was a teenager, and later being labeled asexual by the media and a portion of his fans. Furthermore, a 1970s newspaper story alleged that the then 19-year-old singer was to have a sex change operation and marry the songwriter Clifton Davis which of course was denied by the iconic singer and referred to the situation as a ‘stupid rumor.’ While the allegations still continue to this day, Jackson constantly denied being gay throughout his life.

During a recent interview, Michael Jackson’s former backing singer Sheryl Crow opened up about the time when her name was being mentioned with the King of Pop as if the two were having a romantic relationship. Furthermore, the rumors were so out of this world that Jackson allegedly had offered her $2 million to have his child back then.

According to Crow, these allegations and rumors were made up by Jackson’s manager, Frank DiLeo who wanted to cover his actions as he sexually harassed the young singer while on tour in 1987, and wanted people to think Michael Jackson wasn’t gay, he was indeed interested in women. Finally opening up about the horrible experiences she had to live as a woman in the music industry, Sheryl Crow also surprised Michale Jackson’s fans as she implied and confirmed his homosexuality.

Here is what Sheryl Crow said during the interview with Independent:

“Naiveté is such a beautiful thing. It was incredible in every way, shape, and form for a young person from a really small town to see the world and to work with arguably the greatest pop star. But I also got a crash course in the music industry.

To be able to play that stuff about the long bout of sexual harassment I endured during the Michael Jackson tour and to talk about it in the midst of the #MeToo movement… it feels like we’ve come a long way, but it doesn’t feel like we’re quite there yet.”

While it’s heartbreaking to hear another female musician who had to experience sexual harassment on her way to create a music career on her own, fans are glad to hear Sheryl Crow’s story as it’s an inspiration to all women after seeing how she created a solo and successful musician out of herself despite being looked down at for a long time.