Michael Anthony Says It’s Tough With Eddie Not Being Here As He Shares Opinion On Remastering Van Halen Classics

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony opened up about the possibility of an exclusive box set that includes Van Halen’s unreleased bonus material during an interview with The Jeremy White Podcast and stated that he would love to create a box set with the early works of the band.

As many of you know, Van Halen decided to disband after the loss of the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen because of a stroke on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65, after his long battle with throat and lung cancer. His son and Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen made a strict statement about the future of the band by saying there will not be a Van Halen without Eddie.

Despite making it quite clear that Van Halen is no longer an active band, fans have been craving for more material from the band as their influence and legacy have a huge part in the music industry and among fans. While a reunion and release of new material may not be possible in the near future, there is always a chance for a box set and remastered editions of previous materials.

During a recent interview, Michael Anthony opened about the possibility of a box set and stated that he does not want such a thing if it’s only about the money over the popularity of the band after the death of Eddie Van Halen, however, he hopes to create a box set including early works of Van Halen in the future.

Here is what Anthony said:

“I know Warner has brought up the question, would we like to do that, as far as like a box set. Obviously, it all happens after Eddie passed, and it’s, like, ‘Hey, let’s cash in on this and that or whatever,’ which I don’t want any part of that… But I know there has been some talk about doing a box set and redoing some stuff, but I think it’s kind of in the early works, and nobody’s really talked that much about it yet. But I’m sure, and I also hope, that that will happen.

In addition to a special box set, Michael Anthony also opened up about remixing and remastering some of the iconic Van Halen albums in order to make them sound more contemporary and stated that it is a difficult project to do with Eddie Van Halen’s absence, however, he stated that with Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen, it may be possible and great to create such a project at some point.

Here is what he said:

“Of course, it’s tough with Ed not being here, to be able to go in, as far as doing anything with the guitar, which you really don’t need to, because his guitar sound is always incredible. But I’m sure, at some point, we’ll get together possibly with Alex and maybe Ed’s son Wolfgang and do something like that. I think it’d be a great thing to do.”

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