Michael Anthony Clarifies If He Has Bad Blood With David Lee Roth

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony opened up about his relationship with former frontman David Lee Roth during an interview with ‘The Jeremy White Podcast,’ revealing that he has nothing wrong between him and Roth or any other band member and would gladly perform with him again.

As many of you know, after working with Van Halen as its frontmen for more than a decade, David Lee Roth parted his way with the band in 1984 in order to focus on a solo career in addition to an opinion and style difference between him and guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

After his departure, Van Halen members stayed away from David Lee Roth until a reunion in 1996 which gave birth to two new songs for Van Halen’s Best Of – Volume I, ‘Can’t Get This Stuff No More,’ and ‘Me Wise Magic.’ However, that reunion ended up soon after when Eddie Van Halen and Roth did not get along.

While it was quite obvious that Eddie and David were not best friends, there is not much to know about the current relationship of other former members of Van Halen, however, during a recent interview, Michael Anthony revealed that he’s on good terms with every member of the band along with Roth.

In addition to this, Michael Anthony revealed that he would love to perform with David Lee Roth along with other members of Van Halen if they come up with an offer to him. Anthony also stated that there was an opportunity for him to perform with Roth, however, he was an event with The Circle.

Here is what Anthony said:

“When he did his residency stuff in Las Vegas out here — ’cause it turned out I couldn’t it anyway; I think we had something going on with The Circle — but I was actually going to show up and see about going up on stage and jamming with Dave. ‘Cause I’ve got no beef with any of the guys about any of that stuff. At this point in the career and my life, it’s, like, hey, I’ll play it all. I’m sure if it came up, if it was the right situation, let it happen.”

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