Metallica’s Rob Trujillo’s Wife Chloe Releases Her New Album

The fashion designer and painter Chloe Trujillo, also known as the wife of Metallica bass guitarist Robert Trujillo, recently dropped her most recent record, ‘Mothers of a New Nation.’

Although Rob has been pursuing his music career with Metallica since 2003, Chloe was mainly focused on painting and fashion design and she often shared some of her works on social media. However, Chloe always had an interest in music, and she started recording new songs on Soundcloud about six years ago. These songs were only demo recordings, but yet they were appreciated by many.

In 2016, Chloe entered the music industry professionally with her debut studio album ‘Ivresse’ via Eleven Magic Music, which featured thirteen songs. About eight months ago, the talented artist announced her second studio album, ‘Mothers Of A New Nation,’ by dropping the leading single named ‘Tide.’

The ‘Mothers Of A New Nation’ record is a 37-minute long record that features nine songs. It is now available on Spotify and other online platforms. Furthermore, Chloe released a music video for every single song from this record besides ‘Cosmic Power,’ and she recently announced that they are working on making a new music video for it right now.

You can listen to the record below.