Dee Snider Addresses The LGBTQ+ Community Lashing Out At Him

After Dee Snider stood behind Paul Stanley’s comments on children’s self-expression of gender identity on Twitter, the LGBTQ+ community tried to cancel the Twisted Sister singer. However, the rocker recently told The Messenger that he is open to having conversations about this topic by saying:

“The operative word there is ‘conversation.’ Add ‘civil’ to that, and you have the key to a bigger problem. Many people aren’t willing to have a civil conversation about their beliefs, yet they’re quick to lash out and point fingers at those who disagree with them. I’ve always been open to discussion and compromise, and I’ll never turn my back on a friend who disagrees with me.”

Besides receiving backlash from fans, the rocker was also removed from the San Francisco Pride Parade & Celebration lineup. After his performance got canceled, Snider posted a statement on Instagram where he explained that he has been a longstanding advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and that his views shouldn’t label him as ‘transphobic.’

However, in his statement, Dee also expressed his desire to communicate and learn to become a better ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. The rocker said:

“Don’t reject people who are willing to march, sing, and stand with you just because we don’t perfectly see eye-to-eye. We are still your allies. I, Dee Snider, will continue to support the Transgender community and their right to choose even if they reject me, and moving forward, I am open to educating myself so I can be a better ally.”

You can read Dee Snider’s interview with The Messenger here and read his tweet below.