Metallica’s Official Biopic Is On The Way

Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently shared a post on his official Twitter page, replying to a fan’s statement regarding a possible biopic. The retired musician stated that the band would possibly release a movie since he was interviewed for their history last year.

Ron McGovney had a connection with Metallica before joining the band. The musician had previously played with frontman James Hetfield in a garage band called Leather Charm. Following this tenure, he became the original bass guitarist in Metallica, who played with them between October 1981 and December 1982. After his stint with the band, he decided to leave the music scene and sold all of his equipment.

Currently, McGovney actively uses his social media accounts to share interesting facts about Metallica with fans. In one of his recent tweets, the bassist excited their fanbase by implying that the band might be planning to release a new biopic.

One of Metallica’s fan accounts tweeted an article about an interview with James Hetfield. In the interview, Hetfield stated that they didn’t think about whether there will be an upcoming movie or a biography about the band and left the questions unanswered. Upon seeing this tweet, Ron McGovney stated that he was interviewed last year on camera, so he thinks a new biopic is a definite possibility.

A Metallica fan account tweeted the following:

“Will Metallica ever consider making a biopic movie?”

Upon seeing this, Ron McGovney said:

“I was interviewed on camera last year, so it’s a definite possibility.

In the past, Metallica released a few films regarding their music career, such as ‘Metallica: Through The Never,’ and ‘Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster.’ Therefore if they release a new biopic, it will not be their first film effort. However, their fans would love to see a movie about the iconic band’s entire career.

You can check out the tweets below.