‘Metallica Is The Biggest Band In The World,’ Exodus Singer Zetro Says

In an interview with Shockwaves Skullsessions Podcast, Exodus frontman Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza talked about the development of Metallica over the course of their career and claimed that they managed to become the biggest band in the world.

As might recall, the thrash metal’s legendary band Metallica was founded back in 1981 by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Known for their various successful albums, Metallica drew the attention of its growing fanbase with the release of their debut album, ‘Kill ‘Em All.’ The band’s worldwide success got even bigger with the release of several iconic albums, including, ‘Master of Puppets,’ ‘…And Justice for All,’ and ‘The Black Album.’

Metallica has won nine Grammy Awards and received countless nominations for their ten studio albums and four live albums. The band also entered Rolling Stone magazine’s list of ‘100 Greatest Artists Of All Time’ and ranked as number 61.

Recently, Exodus singer Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza made an appearance on Shockwaves Skullsessions Podcast and shared his opinions on Metallica’s successful music career. During the interview, Zetro recalled a conversation between him and Slayer frontman Tom Araya and revealed the advice he gave him a long time ago. Apparently, Araya told Souza that he should stay heavy no matter what, and everything else would fall into place.

Considering Tom Araya’s advice, Zetro stated that Metallica has become the biggest band in the world since they managed to stay heavy no matter what. Zetro also revealed that when his friend asked him whether he thought Metallica would ever have a number one record, he immediately told him yes. Seemingly, Zetro thought that as the society got heavier, the music they enjoy would get heavier as well.

Here is what Zetro stated about Metallica’s success:

“It’s funny – Tom Araya told me one thing long, long, long ago; he said, ‘Zetro, just stay heavy and everything else will fall into place.’ And he’s right. Who’s the biggest band in the world? They’re a thrash band. If you really look at it from the beginning, the biggest band in the world is a thrash band.

In 1985, I remember, I was 21 years old. I just finished the Legacy demo. I had a guy – a very good friend of mine – and I remember the conversation fucking vividly. He said, ‘Do you ever think Metallica will ever have a No. 1 record?‘ And I said, ‘Of course I do.’ And he was trying to rip me apart, going, ‘It’ll never happen!’

And I said, ‘I’m gonna tell you something’ – and this is 1985 – ‘as society gets heavier, so will the music.’And look, here we are, 35-36 years later, and who’s the biggest band? Not just the biggest thrash band in the world – the biggest fucking band in the world.”

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