Metallica Icon Kirk Hammett’s Complaint About Being Rich

Metallica‘s legacy started when drummer Lars Ulrich placed an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, The Recycler, to find his future bandmates who shared the same music tastes. The first one to reply to it was singer James Hetfield, which marked the beginning of a longtime friendship and partnership. Then, Ulrich and Hetfield needed to find a guitar player for their newly-formed group, and that person was Dave Mustaine.

However, Mustaine’s journey with the metal band couldn’t last long because of his destructive behaviors caused by alcohol and drug abuse. It led to the drummer and singer asking him to leave Metallica in 1982, and shortly after, they hired Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett. The guitarist didn’t know that this would change his life forever when the band’s records brought him great commercial success and popularity, but he had something to say about the fortune that came with it.

Kirk Hammett’s Statements About Being A Millionaire

Metallica released many best-selling records that hit the charts and were listened to by millions worldwide, thanks to the band members’ talents as songwriters and musicians. The most successful one was their fifth studio album, known as ‘The Black Album,’ released on August 12, 1991. Its tracks such as ‘Enter Sandman,’ ‘The Unforgiven,’ ‘Nothing Else Matters,’ and others became popular.

The record sold millions worldwide and was certified as 16× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. It can be understood from the sales and their world tour’s success over the years that Metallica members were one of the wealthiest musicians. In addition, during one of his previous conversations with Rock 100.5, Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett opened up about being rich thanks to ‘The Black Album’ and other successful works.

The Metallica icon admitted that being rich caused several problems, such as managing, saving, and spending it wisely, which he wasn’t good at most of the time. The longtime fans know that Hammett has been interested in the horror genre and has a great collection and a horror-themed house full of posters, comics, books, skeletons, and skulls. Thus, it’s not surprising that he used his wealth to work on his hobby even though he complained about that.

Here’s what Hammett said:

It just comes with a whole bunch of different problems, bro. I’m not very good at saving money. I spend it on comic books, movie posters, horror, and guitars. I live my life. I live my life, and I’m generous. The people around me experience what I’m experiencing while I’m experiencing it.”

Hammett went on to say that he wasn’t using his money for himself by describing himself as a generous person. The guitarist unveiled that he always wanted the people around him to experience what he was enjoying at that time without thinking how much it would cost. Also, the famous guitar player’s current net worth is $200 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest guitarists in the world.