Metallica Announces 40th Anniversary Events And Merch, See James Hetfield’s Signature Ring


Metallica recently announced the details of the 40th-anniversary events and the Forty Years Of Metallica merchandise on their official Instagram account. In another post, the band also shared a picture of James Hetfield’s signature ring.

Formed in 1981, Metallica is celebrating their 40th anniversary this year with the Forty Years Of Metallica shows. The celebration events include two performances on December 17 and 19 in the band’s hometown San Francisco. Moreover, the shows’ tickets are only available to Metallica’s Fifth Member fan club.

On December 9, Metallica announced in a tweet that both of the 40th-anniversary shows will be live-streamed by Amazon Prime Video, The Coda Collection, and Amazon Music. In the tweet, the band also excited their fanbase by stating that they will be able to watch the streams live and free from anywhere in the world.

Some days ago, on December 15, Metallica posted a photo of James Hetfield’s ring. As seen in the photo, Hetfield was wearing a ring with ’40’ engraved on it. Apparently, the Metallica frontman also celebrated the band’s 40th year in the music scene by wearing this uniquely designed ring.

The next day, the metal icons posted a video compilation of their concerts and nostalgic photos to remind their fans that there were only two more days left for the Forty Years Of Metallica shows. They then announced that their fans could stream the shows on December 17 and 19 for free if they couldn’t come and watch them perform.

Metallica’s Instagram post read:

“Only two more days… Stream both nights of the Forty Years Of Metallica shows on December 17 and 19 worldwide, live, and for free!

After the show on December 17, Metallica announced that their fans could purchase brand-new merchandise specially designed to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary. According to the photo revealing the merchandise, they will be available for purchase in the outdoor plaza areas at the Chase Center.

In the Instagram post, Metallica announced the merch as:

“Don’t wait ’til you’re inside Chase Center to grab your merch. Beat the lines by grabbing your gear in the outdoor plazas before you go in or throughout the weekend!”

Below, you can check out the photos Metallica included in their Instagram posts.