Mercyful Fate Announce Becky Baldwin Replacing Joey Vera

In a recent Instagram post, Mercyful Fate officially announced Becky Baldwin as their new bass player following the mutual departure of Joey Vera from the band. This announcement comes at an important time for the band as they gear up for upcoming performances and the release of a new album.

Birmingham-based musician Baldwin first stepped into the spotlight with Mercyful Fate as a stand-in bassist during their 2022 U.S. Tour.  According to Mercyful Fate’s Instagram post, she is pretty excited to be a part of the band. Looking back on her previous experiences, she hoped to see fans in the upcoming performances:

“Mercyful Fate announces new bass player Becky Baldwin of Birmingham, England. ‘It is a great honor to now be a permanent member of Mercyful Fate,’ says Becky Baldwin. ‘I can’t wait to join the recording of the new album. When I joined as a stand-in on the 2022 U.S. Tour, the acceptance and encouragement from the fans was exceptional. A huge thanks to the band, team, and fans for the warm welcome. See you in Chile and Brazil this coming April.”

Upon seeing the news, Metallica also commented ‘Hell yeah!’ below the post. Check out the photo the band posted below.

Photo Credit: Mercyful Fate Coven – Instagram

Why Mercyful Fate Parted Ways With Joey Vera?

Mercyful Fate’s decision to part ways with Joey Vera was described as mutual, with both parties maintaining respect and well wishes for each other’s future endeavors. In a post shared three days ago, the band had announced this news, writing:

“Mercyful Fate and Joey Vera have mutually decided to split ways. ‘Our friendship and respect for each other will always remain the same, and we all sincerely wish each other the absolute best for the future,’ says King Diamond.”

Vera had joined Mercyful Fate as a temporary replacement for the late Timi Hansen, initially for the band’s 2020 European festival appearances.

Here is the picture they shared with this post:

Photo Credit: Mercyful Fate Coven – Instagram

Mercyful Fate’s Future Projects

Mercyful Fate’s current lineup, alongside Baldwin, includes Hank Shermann and Mike Wead on guitars, Bjarne T. Holm on drums, and King Diamond on vocals. With a new album in the works and a series of live performances on the horizon, Mercyful Fate continues their career in the heavy metal scene. You can grab your tickets and keep up with the band’s upcoming shows here.