Matt Healy Doesn’t Care About Offending Harry Styles With ‘Queerbaiting’ Accusations

The 1975’s Matty Healy has stirred up the music industry with his recent remarks about Harry Styles and other famous figures during his appearance on The Adam Friedland Show earlier this year. His recent sit-down with The New Yorker offered an opportunity for the singer to address the controversy and the subsequent fallout.

The backlash was swift and powerful following Healy’s comments on the show, where he accused Styles of ‘queerbaiting,’ stating that the pop singer was exploiting the concept due to his appeal to female fans. The outcry on social media was so intense that it prompted the 1975 vocalist to delete his accounts, yet it seems he has no regret about the words he used.

When asked whether he was ‘baiting’ his fans with his comments, the musician said:

“A little bit. But it doesn’t actually matter. Nobody is sitting there at night slumped at their computer, and their boyfriend comes over and goes, ‘What’s wrong, darling?’ and they go, ‘It’s just this thing with Matty Healy.’ That doesn’t happen. If it does, you’re either deluded or you are, sorry, a liar.

You’re either lying that you are hurt, or you’re a bit mental for being hurt. It’s just people going, ‘Oh, there’s a bad thing over there; let me get as close to it as possible so you can see how good I am.’ And I kind of want them to do that because they’re demonstrating something so base level.

Notably, during the same conversation with Friedland, Healy also shared his thoughts about the rapper Ice Spice, delving into her heritage, even attempting to impersonate accents from the nations he assumed she came from. He later expressed remorse for these comments during a performance in Auckland, which was shared on TikTok by Coup De Main.

As part of the show on the band’s ‘At Their Very Best’ tour, Matty confessed:

“I just feel a bit bad, and I’m kind of a bit sorry if I’ve offended you. Ice Spice, I’m sorry. It’s not because I’m annoyed that me joking got misconstrued. It’s because I don’t want Ice Spice to think I’m a dick. I love you, Ice Spice. I’m so sorry.”

Then, he continued to say:

“I don’t want anything like that misconstrued to be mean. I don’t mind being a bit of a joker… It’s OK for me to be, like, a trickster or whatever, but I don’t want to be seen as, like, being barmy. Because honestly, I just love you guys, and I love doing this…

The truth is it’s a bit of a problem because I just want to say, ‘Hello. This is a bit embarrassing. I’m sorry if I get it wrong. We all get it wrong.’ I just have to do it in public and then apologize to Ice Spice. My life’s just a bit weird. I am genuinely sorry if I’ve upset her because I fucking love her.”

Following the fallout from his controversial appearance on The Adam Friedland Show, Matty Healy has faced criticism from not only fans but also fellow musicians. Yungblud, among others, was quick to voice his disapproval of the vocalist’s words. Currently, an unsettled conflict goes on between Healy and Yungblud, adding another dimension to the discussions sparked by his comments in February.