Angus Young Explains How AC/DC Decided To Continue After The Death Of His Brother Malcolm

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young recently opened up about continue performing with the band after the passing of his brother, rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young during an interview with BBC Radio Scotland, apparently, it was Malcolm who imbued Angus with the idea to keep on going even within his last days.

As you might recall, AC/DC was formed by two brothers Malcolm and Angus Young in November 1973, along with other members and for decades siblings worked together, releasing a number of studio albums including tracks that has become signature songs among the rock music history as well as creating the band’s iconic, classic rock and roll sound which left its mark to the band’s fans.

There’s no doubt that Malcolm Young who was regarded as a leading rock representative of rhythm guitar as well as being an iconic figure in rock and roll history, was often described as the driving force and the leader of the band according to both fans and critics. Young had always been the secret weapon of AC/DC since he wasn’t the most visible member of the band, yet, ruled the dynamics among the band members thanks to being a brilliant artist.

Unfortunately, Malcolm Young took a break from performing with AC/DC back in April 2014 mostly due to becoming seriously ill. Seven months after, Young was diagnosed with dementia and admitted to a nursing home, however, the legendary musician passed away from the disease on November 18, 2017, at the age of 64.

During a recent interview, Angus Young was asked about keep on performing and making music with AC/DC after the passing of his brother and bandmate since most bands call it quits after the passing of such an important member. However, it was Malcolm Young who advised his brother to continue regardless of the obstacles and the circumstances just like he did even he was ill.

As Angus revealed, Malcolm didn’t stop helping the band while he was on medicines and getting treatment as AC/DC was on ‘Black Ice World Tour’ in addition to giving the band new ideas for the upcoming album. The legendary guitarist always said he’ll be there for the band as long as he physically can which inspired Angus to keep on carrying his brother’s legacy with AC/DC.

Here is what Angus said:

“That was the whole way of doing things. He always said you plow along, you keep going. When he was first getting sick, he had a lot of help tour ‘Black Ice.’ He was on medicines, helping him get through that. But he was still coherent and everything. He was even putting down ideas then also.

Whenever I was with him, he would be always saying, ‘We keep going as long as I can do it.’ I always took that from him. And even when he was in hospital and stuff with operations, he was the same. He would say, ‘I wanna be here. I wanna be with you.’ As he said, ‘Keep your head down and keep.'”

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