Matt Bellamy Addresses Pink Floyd’s Influence On Muse


Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy recently joined an interview with Total Guitar and revealed that they were heavily inspired by Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ album while making ‘Black Holes and Revelations.’

Pink Floyd released their groundbreaking album, ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon,’ on March 1, 1973. The record became a classic and turned the band members into international stars with its estimated sales of over 45 million copies. In addition to its tremendous commercial success, the album was also a career-defining moment in Pink Floyd’s musical journey, which marked their transition to rich songwriting.

The iconic album has inspired generations of artists and still has its impact on today’s music. It encouraged other musicians to explore innovative styles of music they didn’t dive into before. During a recent interview, Matt Bellamy recalled listening to the classic album for the first time and opened up about its incredible impact on shaping their music.

Of course, they’d heard of Pink Floyd, but they didn’t listen to them properly until their producer showed ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ a few times while working on their second studio album, ‘Origin Of Symmetry.’ They were genuinely mesmerized by the music they heard. It had such a powerful impact on the band that it inspired them to make their fourth album, ‘Black Holes And Revelations,’ released in 2006. They even recorded some parts of the album in southern France, where Pink Floyd recorded some of ‘The Wall.’

Matt Bellamy’s words on how Pink Floyd influenced their style:

“Obviously, we’d heard of Pink Floyd, but we’d never really listened to them properly, or at least the way John wanted us to. So in 2001, he made us turn the lights out in the control room and play ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ a few times. We were probably smoking spliffs going, ‘Wow, what is this music? It’s unbelievable!’

It was such a mind-blowing experience. That was the first one that hit us. It led to us making our fourth album, ‘Black Holes And Revelations,’ in the south of France in a place called Miraval, an old chateau where they made parts of ‘The Wall,’ which was the main factor in us deciding to record there!”

You can listen to both albums below.