Dee Snider Shares AJ Pero’s Ghost’s Recent Visit

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider and the late drummer A.J. Pero shared the same stage for many years until life had other plans. While on tour with the band Adrenaline Mob, the drummer tragically passed away in 2015. More recently, the musician appeared in Snider’s dreams, and the frontman shared it with his fans on Twitter.

The late drummer was 55 when band members failed to wake him up on their tour bus, and he was taken to a hospital in New York, where he died from a heart attack. After his tragic and unexpected death, Snider had mentioned to TMZ that Pero’s father died in his early 60s because of a heart disease, so it was more than likely that the late drummer would also have it.

However, Pero didn’t have himself checked out for any signs of cardiovascular disease before passing. Snider was heartbroken that he took his health lightly when all of this could have been avoided if he had received the proper care for his condition. The singer recently saw his late friend in his dream.

Dee Snider’s initial tweet read:

“My late drummer A.J. Pero came to me as a ghost in a dream last night. We hugged and cried. Unlike other dreams, I could actually feel him. I told him how much he was missed by so many. It was sad but beautiful. RIP A.J.”

When a user asked if he remembered what Pero looked like, the frontman wrote:

“Interestingly, he was A.J. when 1984, full makeup and costume. Probably the greatest time of his life.”

So, Snider saw his friend and former bandmate as a ghost in his dream where they could relieve one another’s longing. Although it was a devastating dream to wake up from after almost feeling the presence of a late friend, at least the drummer was having a ball with a full face of makeup and a costume.