Martin Gore Reveals ‘Awful And Wrong’ Depeche Mode Show

A day out from the release of Depeche Mode‘s new album ‘Memento Mori,’ Martin Gore shared with Far Out Magazine the awful feeling that he had during their first performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live back without having Andy Fletcher behind him.

This time around of releasing new music has been very different for Gore and Dave Gahan as they lost their missing piece, Fletcher, last May after he suffered an aortic dissection at his home at the age of 60. The musician’s sudden and unexpected passing left an irreplaceable hole within the band. Gahan even told KROQ that they would never be over their tremendous loss; they would have to slowly get used to life without Fletcher.

Martin described their first performance back as challenging. The guitarist shared that Fletcher used to be on his left side every performance, so not having him there physically is hard. He even said that the whole performance was horrible, and even though everyone had encouraging words afterward, he only thought of Fletcher and how weird it was not to have him behind him like in the good old days.

Martin Gore’s words about the first show without Andy Fletcher read:

“The first show is going to be kind of… it could be weird for us being there with the audience for the first time. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be something that we think about all the time. He’s not here anymore. Physically, he’s not here. He was always on my left side. And I looked, even now, when we were often rehearsing or when we’ve been doing things when we did our first TV.”

He added:

“Actually, the whole experience was, for me, felt awful. Everything about it was wrong. And although everybody afterward said, ‘Oh, it was great. It was great.’ All that kind of stuff. I kept thinking about how strange it felt not to have Fletch behind me there.”

The passing of Fletcher is still raw within the band, and they are still trying to do their first without him, so it’s not easy. However, the new album is coming out, and they are set to head out on a global tour that runs until December. The tickets await if you want to support the band in this transition period!