Mark Osegueda Insists He Didn’t Exploit His Friendship With Kerry King To Get The Gig As His Vocalist

In a recent interview with El Planeta Del Rock, Death Angel frontman Mark Osegueda shared insights into how he secured a position in Kerry King’s band.

Osegueda is taking the role of a frontman in the Slayer guitarist’s new project. Osegueda, who was friends with King before the discussion of the project, ensured during the latest interview that he did not exploit his friendship just to get in the band. He said:

 “It wasn’t an overnight thing. It was a long process. Me and Kerry are friends, for sure, but that’s not the reason I got the gig. By no means did I get the gig because we’re friends; it was definitely a lot of hard work.”

Osegueda also explained how the process came about:

“He’s an institution unto himself as his, as is Slayer, and when Slayer announced that they weren’t gonna go any longer, he made it known to everyone that he was far from done. And when that was announced, it was quite a few years ago. It was probably during the pandemic that I just gave him a cold call out of the blue, or a cold text rather, just saying, ‘Just so you know, I heard you’re doing this, and I’m just throwing my name into the hat, into the ring, or throwing my throat into the ring rather.’ And he was, like, ‘Hmm.’ He’s a very to-the-point guy, and he said, ‘Okay.’ And I know he’s very serious about everything he does musically.”

Another Possible Lead Singer Was Discussed

On February 5, it was announced that Slayer guitarist Kerry King is set to release the debut album of his long-anticipated solo project titled ‘From Hell I Rise’ on May 17 through Reigning Phoenix Music. Collaborating with King on the album are drummer Paul Bostaph, bassist Kyle Sanders, lead guitarist Phil Demmel, and Osegueda.

Before it was revealed the Death Angel frontman was taking place as the lead singer of the project, another name as a possible lead singer was in the talks. Despite his popularity, King went on to choose Osegueda since he thought he was the ‘right guy’ for the project. He revealed in an earlier interview:

 “My management, my promoter, my record label all wanted Phil [Anselmo]. Phil’s a good friend of mine, but I always thought he’s not the right guy. That has nothing to do with his ability; I just knew he wasn’t the right guy. When you hear Mark on this record, you know that’s the guy.”

You can listen to the interview down below.