Nirvana Producer Explains The Best Way To Get Along With Kurt Cobain

Nirvana producer Steve Albini who had worked for the ‘In Utero’ spoke in a recent interview with Kerrang and revealed the details of his relationship with Kurt Cobain.

In Utero is the third and the last album of Nirvana that released in September 1993, and it was listed on top of the US Billboard 200 and UK Albums charts. Also, it features iconic songs such as Rape Me, Heart-Shaped Box, and more.

Steve talked about the time when they were recording this album and explained what he had done to get along with Kurt Cobain. According to Steve, he didn’t want to become Kurt’s bosom buddy.

While saying that almost every person was trying to get closer with him, Steve mentioned that he wanted Kirk to know that he doesn’t need to worry about it on his side.

Instead of creating a personal intimacy with Kurt Cobain, the producer only focused on their work during this period and also revealed how much Kurt was working in the studio as he showed how much he is impressed by Kurt’s work ethic.

Here is what Steve Albini said:

“Well, I didn’t try to become a bosom buddy of his, because I knew that everyone around him was trying to weasel their way into his world parasitically, and I wanted him to know that he didn’t have to worry about that with me.

So I never pressed him for any personal intimacy. But I got to see him at work, and I saw that he was extremely serious about his music, and his passion was genuine.

I think that’s what people responded to because he had a distinctive voice. I grew to respect him as an artist and as a person.”

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