Johnny Cash’s Son John Carter Shares The Lesson He Took From His Father

During the last stage of his music career, Johnny Cash struggled a lot due to his health issues. When he looks back on those times, his son John Carter sees many lessons to take. Recently, John spoke to American Songwriter and revealed the things his father helped him learn.

Johnny Cash learned he had 18 months to live after being diagnosed with Shy–Drager syndrome. Following the news, he had to curtail his tour and enter the hospital for severe pneumonia. Until his death on May 15, 2003, Cash didn’t stop making music, releasing two albums and writing 60 songs in the last four months of his life.

The documentary ‘Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon’ recently hit the theaters, and it tells the story of Cash’s music career, struggles, and how he returned to the Christian faith. According to Cash’s son John, the documentary made him recall the life lessons his father gave him.

“When I think about all that he went through towards the end of his life,” John Carter said, “I’m reminded of the strength that he found to continue through the joy of creativity and music. That continues to give me hope every day, and seeing this film only helped me recall that even more.”

So, for John Carter, seeing how strong his father was even though he struggled with many health issues before his death was very inspirational. With this strength, Cash used music as his creative output and continued making music. As it appears, this continues to give John hope every day of his life, and the new documentary reminds him of his father’s determination.