Marilyn Manson To Serve Community Time And Face Penalty For ‘Disgusting’ Assault

Marilyn Manson received a fine for his attack on a camerawoman on August 19, 2019, at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford.

According to the reports, the incident where the singer blew his nose on videographer Susan Fountain happened at a concert. Despite asking for a video appearance, Manson had to attend his hearing in person in Laconia, New Hampshire. Fountain did not appear in court but provided a statement that was read aloud. She said:

“For me, I’m a professional person, and I’ve been in this industry for 30 years. I’ve worked for a lot of companies, and in all the years I’ve worked with people, I’ve never been humiliated or treated the way I was by this defendant. For him to spit on me and blow his nose on me was the most disgusting thing a human being has ever done.”

Her words continued, clarifying her expectations from the lawsuit:

“I understand this was not a big criminal charge to begin with, but I was hoping that the defendant would receive a sentence that would make him think twice before doing something like this again.”

A police report showed that Manson came up to Susan while she was in the front area near the stage. He got very close to her camera and spat a large amount of saliva at her. The saliva hit both of her hands. Later, he approached her again, knelt down, covered one of his nostrils, and blew his nose onto her arms and hands.

Manson faced two misdemeanor simple assault charges related to the incident. He pleaded no contest to the nose-blowing charge as part of a plea deal. The other charge, alleging spitting on the videographer, was dropped. He received a $1,400 fine (with $200 suspended), a two-year probation to stay arrest-free, and the need to inform local police about any New Hampshire performances.

The rocker can do his community service in California and must provide proof by February 4. The judge, criticizing Marilyn’s actions, allowed him to choose where to perform community service.