Graham Nash Makes Fans Upset About David Crosby’s Last Voicemail

In a recent chat with Spin, Graham Nash revealed his decision to keep the last voicemail from his late bandmate, David Crosby, private. Crosby passed away on January 18, 2023, at the age of 81, succumbing to complications related to COVID-19.

Throughout the interview, Nash highlighted the efforts he made to maintain professional relationships amidst challenging circumstances, specifically regarding Crosby. Confirming that Crosby had attempted to reconnect prior to his demise, Nash described having a voicemail from him.

However, he asserted that this personal memento would remain confidential. Nash expressed some regret at the missed opportunity to collaborate once again with Crosby, hinting that the unreleased voicemail may have been linked to a potential joint music project. Nash has found comfort in their shared musical legacy despite the lost possibilities.

The interviewer initially said:

“You’ve done so much to keep so much going for so long in some very difficult situations.”

Nash replied:

“Yep. I have. Particularly where it came to Crosby.”

The following remark added:

“You’ve said that he tried to get in touch with you before he died.”

The musician confirmed:

“Yes, he did.”

Again the interviewer:

“That must leave some very tough feelings.”

Graham Nash revealed:

“It’s a voicemail that I’ll never release.”

A follow-up question said:

“It’s sad that there wasn’t an opportunity to…”

The singer expressed:

Follow up to make music. But you know, we did make some fabulous music. I’ve been listening to it a lot since David passed. Oh, yeah. And holy sh*t, we were good.”

As Nash had disclosed before, the pair had plans for a FaceTime conversation on the day of Crosby’s unfortunate departure. Regrettably, Crosby never initiated the call, leading Nash to soon learn about the tragic news.