Marilyn Manson Forced Deftones To Cut His Ex-Girlfriend’s Footage, According To Esme Bianco

There is a new allegation amid the ongoing investigation of Marilyn Manson after his ex-girlfriend and actress Esme Bianco‘s accusations of domestic and sexual abuse. Bianco recently claimed Manson called Deftones and told them to reconsider working with her.

Esme Bianco accused Manson of sexual and domestic abuse during their relationship together. Bianco had been a Manson fan since she was in her teen years. Eventually, she had the chance to meet her idol. While this encounter was dreamy for every fan, this experience did not result well for the duo that eventually became a couple. In Bianco’s eyes, Manson quickly went from being an idol to being a ‘monster.’

Many women, including Evan Rachel Wood, have talked about Manson abusing them on social media. These women who have been involved in relationships or sexual activities with the rocker spoke about his abuse. They all came together to hand Manson over to justice. Manson rejected all the allegations stating that everything he did with those women was consensual.

When Bianco got the offer to participate in the alternative metal band Deftones’ music video, she accepted and got involved in the project. However, the actress recently claimed that her abuser and ex-boyfriend Manson put a brick in her way and told Deftones to remove her from the video.

Here is how Bianco reacted to being removed:

“The consensus had been reached that it was easier to cut me than to deal with Brian. Someone in Deftones’ camp decided to scrap me because of Brian calling them.

According to Bianco’s statements, Deftones listened to Manson and cut her off the video. Her lawyers described the action as damaging to her reputation, economy, and career. There hasn’t been an explanation from any Deftones member so far.