Marillion’s Steve Hogarth Says Deep Purple’s Jon Lord Inspired Him To Be A Musician


Marillion lead singer Steve Hogarth talked about the beginning of his musical journey in a recent interview with Classic Rock. The musician also mentioned how Deep Purple’s pianist Jon Lord was an inspiration for him during the early days of his career.

Jon Lord contributed to many songs and bands with his excellent piano skills until his passing in 2012. Besides being one of the important names of Deep Purple, Lord also contributed to Whitesnake with his blues-rock style in the years between 1978 and 1984. Lord played on the albums of impactful names such as George Harrison, David Gilmour, and Alvin Lee.

Later on, he felt like it would be better for him to continue as a solo musician, even though leaving Deep Purple was the hardest decision. Many musicians were inspiring Jon Lord to get his place in the music industry. Likewise, he became an inspiration for other musicians, especially those interested in piano.

Marillion’s Steve Hogarth was one of these names who named Deep Purple, especially Jon Lord, as an inspiration for him. As a person who has been passionate about music since his childhood, Hogarth has always tried to be a better artist in the music industry by going from one experience to another. He moved to London and left his degree in electrical engineering to achieve his dream, and he finally became a part of Marillion.

In a recent interview, when Hogarth was asked whether Deep Purple was an inspiration for him, he answered that it was because of Jon Lord. He recalled how he was impressed by Deep Purple on the Machine Head Tour while watching them. Hogarth explained that he was so encouraged at that moment that he wanted a piano from his parents, deciding to make music for the rest of his life.

Steve Hogarth explained whether Deep Purple was an inspiration for him:

“Yes, because of Jon Lord. I saw them at Sheffield City Hall on the Machine Head tour and thought, ‘Nothing is better than this. If I do anything else, I’ll be wasting my life.’ I was doing a degree in electrical engineering in Nottingham and had never studied or excelled in music.

The next day, I badgered my parents into getting a piano for me, and I spent weeks, months banging away on it trying to learn Genesis and Yes songs or Keith Emerson solos, like Take a Pebble. I met Keith a few years back at the House of Blues in LA; he came to a show! He came backstage and said he thought we were amazing. That was quite a thrill.”

The singer mentioned other significant names that impacted him as a musician, such as Genesis, Yes, and Keith Emerson. Hogarth also did not forget to mention how he was excited when Keith Emerson praised him after playing in House of Blues.