Machine Gun Kelly Changes His Name (Again)

Machine Gun Kelly decided to change his stage name.

The rapper changed his username to ‘mgk’ in all of his social media accounts, including Spotify. Though there are no explanations or official statements about the change, the name change came amid the controversial tattoo.

The name change has been a topic of discussion among fans. When a fan asked on Reddit about the name change, some thought it might be a signal for rebranding, while some said people were already calling him MGK, thus the name change.

Why Did The Tattoo Get Backlash

On February 21, the rapper showed off his new chest tattoo. The tattoo covers his entire upper chest and the majority of his arms. MGK shared his new tattoo on his Instagram with the caption:

“For spiritual purposes only.”

As a result of the new tattoo, he received backlash from fans. While some stated that the musician ‘wants to be black,’ some thought it was stupid.

MGK had no other posts than the picture of his tattoo, potentially pointing to an upcoming album.

MGK Already Had Plans To Change His Stage Name

Before his name change in the social media accounts, in November last year, the musician had plans to change his name to something else: Machine. The plan came after one of his shows, where he was persuaded by fans to change his name. During the show, a fan held up a sign that said, ‘Change your name!’ When he said he did not understand what the sign meant, the fans explained in response:

“We want you to change your name. We want you to take out the ‘Machine Gun’ so we don’t glorify machine guns. Just take out the ‘Machine Gun.'”

Following the explanation, the singer asked his audience about their thoughts, to which he received loud cheers and chanting:

“Change your name, change your name!”

As a result, during his red carpet appearance at the GQ Men of the Year, the rapper asked the photographers to no longer refer to him as ‘Machine Gun,’ but just call him ‘Machine’ instead.

You can see the change of the name below.