M. Shadows Shares His Concerns About The Future Of Rock Music

During an interview on The Ex Man Podcast, Avenged Sevenfold’s lead vocalist M. Shadows shared his concerns about the future of rock and metal music. He expressed frustration and specified the factors he believes are ‘killing’ the genres. Shadows stated:

“One thing that I think, and I’ve said this on Twitter and you get ‘Old man yelling at the clouds’, I think technology overuse is killing metal and killing rock.”

He further explained the reason behind his thought:

“Everyone’s using the same samples, they’re using the same tools to fill out the speakers, they’re brickwalling their mixes, the vocals pop and it’s way on top…the normal person that listens to that, they’re like, ‘This just sounds like one straight line of something, but it’s not appealing to me because there’s no dynamic, there’s no this or that, it all sounds the same.'”

The rocker named the two bands he thinks stand out for their ‘realness’. He said:

“I think that’s why bands like Tool, bands like System [Of A Down], they really stand out because there’s so much dynamic, there’s so much realness happening.”

Shadows also revealed his ideas on using AI in the music industry. During the chat, the frontman addressed what AI would do if asked to create a new song. He said:

“If you were to say, ‘Make an Avenged Sevenfold song,’ AI doesn’t know how to go outside of the box and actually create what [we] would do. But it knows how to take what we’ve already done and mix and match it in a different way.”

Shadows argued about what fans who don’t enjoy the band’s latest music could do with AI. He detailed:

“So what I think is awesome is imagine you’re, like, ‘This new Avenged record is trash. I f*cking don’t get it. I’m so over this crap they’re trying to do. Give me a record like…’ And then let AI make it. Then there you go — you’ve got your new Avenged record. You have a mix and match of everything that we’ve done, but different choruses, different cool stuff. I think it could be really f*cking interesting.”

He added his view on the future and concluded:

“And then the real guys like us, we kind of push forward on what we’re doing. I think it’s a f*cking really weird future that we’re in for, where people can just be, like, ‘Eh, give me more of that.’ So, who knows?”

Though the frontman seems to be disappointed at the excessive use of technology, he is open to the idea of AI-generated music collaborations. The rocker is even down to record vocal prompts and put them online.

Listen to the podcast below.