Lzzy Hale Reveals The Roles Of Halestorm Members In A Really Funny Way

Halestorm frontwomen Lzzy Hale shared a post on her official Twitter page revealing her bandmates’ position in the band while answering a fan’s whimsical question about ‘who is which?’ apparently, there is a funny way to describe every role in a band.

As you may already know, Lzzy Hale is quite an active social media user, especially on her official Twitter page on which she mostly answers her fans’ questions during frequent Q&A sessions which her fans appreciate since the get the opportunity to interact with Hale, in addition to announcing her upcoming projects.

Recently, a fan shared a post on Twitter asking Lzzy Hale a peculiar yet hilarious question stating which member of the band is shredding, slapping, banging, and belting. Since every word means different than its actual meaning when it comes to music, Lzzy’s answer was quite accurate. 

Here is what the fan asked:

“Shredding, Slapping, Banging, Belting. That’s Halestorm but which is Lzzy Hale, Joe Hottinger, Josh Smith, and Arejay Hale?”

Lzzy Hale shared a post on her official Twitter page replying to that fan’s question and since ‘shredding’ related to guitar, ‘slapping’ refers to slapping on bass guitar, ‘banging’ is obviously about drums, and ‘belting’ is a technique of singing, Hale answered the question properly by stating that she’s belting, guitarist Joe Hottinger is shredding, bassist Josh Smith is slapping, and drummer Arejay Hale is banging. 

Here is what Hale said:

“I’m Belt, Joe is Shred, Josh is Slap, Arejay is Bang…. what’s my prize? Haaa”

You can see the Twitter post below.