M. Shadows Details Avenged Sevenfold’s Reward-Based Ticket Selling Platform

M. Shadows recently disclosed how he and his team could improve their new online ticket-selling platform, TicketPass, and discussed how they’ve learned their lessons from a few complaints on Twitter.

When Avenged Sevenfold launched TicketPass, they had one goal: to form a new and ‘ethical’ online booth for committed fans to pay for tickets without facing overcharged prices. The system aimed to work like an airline’s average fly-for-miles rewarding system, as the website will track user activity and allow fans to access tickets much easier the more they buy merchandise or frequent gigs.

So, as promising as it sounds, it’s also important to note that the system is still in its beta version, and Shadows is trying to get as much feedback as he can get from users… And after a few tryouts with some ticket sales, the singer announced with a series of tweets what they could do better not to disappoint fans and be fair as they can be.

The rocker disclosed his list of ‘lessons learned‘ while discussing how the website needed to send confirmations and leave a day in between before letting all tickets on pre-sale. Shadows also noted how he considered fixing issues about credit cards or bank flags since many seemingly had problems with their transactions.

M. then shared they were doing their best to improve the seating system and ensure it worked for the fans’ benefit and not for the profit of the ticket sellers who aimed to score tickets and sell them for profit in excessive fees. The frontman also encouraged anyone to contact them through social media platforms for further information.

Shadows’ announcement follows:

“Things we learned and things we can do better: Many people are stressed right now because they requested tickets and have no confirmation that they will get theirs while watching people pick up seats at pre-sale today… Next time we will leave a day in between to fulfill.

Even though we have been assured all requests will be honored, we have also learned that 2% of CC transactions have failed because of funds or bank flags. Next time we will have a day in between to reach out and sort those issues. If this happened to you this time, please reach out to us with proof, and we will do what we can to sort you out.

[The second lesson was] People want to choose seats. This program was made to make the ticket-buying process less stressful. The idea that everyone jumps in and as you grab seats, you see many disappearing causes stress and anxiety. Instead, with this system, you can freely come in and choose the area you would prefer, and you don’t need to race the others in the queue.

I feel this is a good reason to not change it. If you must pick your exact seats, then pre-sale is probably a better option. All in all, this was very successful, and after tomorrow we hope most of you are happy. If there are issues, please reach out here or in Discord, and we will help where we can.”

So, it seems that the vocalist and his team are genuinely trying to create a fair and ethical ticket-selling platform to ensure fans get their tickets without any excessive fees while getting the best spot they wish. TicketPass sounds promising, and Shadows seems eager to listen and learn from the users, so only time will tell how it’ll work out.