Lzzy Hale Says Halestorm Wouldn’t Exist Without Josh Smith

Halestorm‘s frontwoman, Lzzy Hale, took to Instagram recently to celebrate the 40th birthday of her bandmate and best friend, Josh Smith. In a heartfelt message, she emphasized the integral role Smith has played in the formation and continued success of the band.

In her post, the singer acknowledged the long history she shares with Smith, spanning over two decades. She expressed her pride in calling him both her bandmate and best friend, attributing the band’s success to his talents as a bassist, keyboardist, and vocalist. Hale praised Smith’s profound understanding of music and his unwavering commitment to pushing the band toward greater heights.

The vocalist also recognized Smith’s ability to provide emotional support, stating her gratitude for his understanding of her emotions and struggles. She mentioned looking forward to sharing more memories, achieving mutual goals, and performing together with the bassist in the future.

Lzzy Hale’s Instagram post read:

“Happy 40th birthday to Josh Smith! Sloshy, we have we lived through about a gazillion lifetimes together since we met 20 years ago. I’m so proud to call you my bandmate and best friend. I am constantly inspired by your talent, not just as a legendary bassist (the best one alive out here, folks) but your amazing ability as a keyboardist and vocalist. I am in awe of your understanding of this musical language and your patience and passion for keeping pushing this beast skyward with me.

We would not be Halestorm without you. Most importantly, I’m so grateful for your shoulder to lean on. I have a hard time asking for help when I need it. But you are so acutely aware of this and all the emotions that I navigate. I look forward to crying with you, laughing with you, crossing more things off our bucket list, and hitting the stage with you every night! Thank you for being such a dude. Love you madly. Happy f*cking 40!”

In her concluding remarks, Hale offered her warmest birthday wishes to her bandmate, emphasizing her love and appreciation for his contributions to Halestorm. It is clear from her words that Josh Smith has played a crucial role in the band’s endurance over two decades.

Photo Credit: Lzzy Hale – Instagram