Lzzy Hale Opens Up About The Other Side Of Her Personality Outside Of The Stage

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale took her official Instagram account to share a new picture of herself and talked about her personality.

In the picture, you can see that Lzzy was posing for the camera while cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. She was wearing a blouse that suits her toned body and looking so gorgeous with simple makeup on her face.

Furthermore, Lzzy wrote in the caption that she has been living a unique life that features tours, hotels, planes, rock and roll, and explained why doing ordinary works in the house is so important to her.

Lzzy pointed out that she is finding joy while doing these small jobs as dishes, laundry, and cleaning, and said that these tasks are so special for her because they also represent her personality outside of the stage.

Here is what Lzzy Hale said:

“I find joy in small distractions. Dishes, laundry, cleaning out my closet or farming out lyrics to a song. I’ve spent most of my life not being the wifey in the kitchen. It wasn’t my path. Buses, Planes, Cars, Hotels, Rock n Roll…

I’ve lived a unique life that no one I know has lived. So these tasks are special. Because This is me, as much as the vicious, freaky, leather jacket, 8“ heel wearing chick you see on stage is also me. We are not one or the other. We are both. And the balance of Us is happiness. Love you all!”

You can check out the post by clicking here.

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