Michael Schenker Says David Coverdale Was Upset When He Refused To Join Whitesnake

Scorpions’ co-founder Michael Schenker recently spoke about his relationship with David Coverdale and his offer to join Whitesnake in its formation years. Schenker stated that Coverdale was not happy about Michael declining his offer.

Michael Schenker formed Scorpions with his brother in 1965, and while Scorpions became a huge deal in the rock world, he continued his career by forming and joining other bands. After enjoying Scorpions’ adventures for a while, the guitarist joined UFO. He had an on-and-off relationship with the band but continued to rejoin them.

During his off times with UFO, the guitarist started to get offers from big bands like Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, and Motörhead to focus on his solo career. He created the Michael Schenker Group, or M.S.G, in 1979 and led a successful solo career with his backing band that included many talented musicians.

At the formation times, Schenker recently revealed that he got an offer from David Coverdale when he was also forming Whitesnake. One day they were jamming together as two rock musicians, and then David Coverdale asked him to join Whitesnake. Just like he did with all the other bands, Michael turned Coverdale down and asked him to join M.S.G instead. Coverdale got upset about it and ‘stole’ his drummer Cozy Powell instead. However, Schenker agrees that the outcomes of the decision were right.

Here is how Schenker told the story:

“Yes. It was a crazy time. In the middle of getting the live album and the second album done, David Coverdale asked me to join his band. Peter came to me one day and said, ‘Michael, David Coverdale wants you to be a part of Whitesnake.’ So, I called David and said, ‘No, why don’t you come and join the Michael Schenker Group instead?’ Well, David did not want to be part of Michael Shenker Group, and he was upset that I did not want to join Whitesnake. So, suddenly, I looked up, and Cozy Powell had left my band and had joined David Coverdale in Whitesnake. This was after Bernie Marsden had left and before John Sykes had joined.

The way it all happened was I was jamming with David at my house one day because he had come over and was hanging out. I started playing what would become ‘Searching for a Reason,’ which would end up on Assault Attack, and David started singing some words – none of which ended up on Assault Attack – and it went from there. You know, we were just jamming, he was singing, and we did that until the sun came up. After that, David asked me to join Whitesnake, and I declined, which I guess he did not like. It was all very messy, but the outcomes were good for all of us eventually.”

Schenker didn’t join Whitesnake, and Coverdale didn’t join M.S.G. However, as he said, the outcomes were pretty good since the two bands made it more than fine with their successful tenures. Coverdale doesn’t seem to be upset about it to this day, but Schenker is shocked to see his drummer Cozy Powell go to Whitesnake.