Lzzy Hale On Her Secret Fear: Someone’ll Find Out That I’m A Just Dork From Pennsylvania

Halestorm and the current Skid Row singer Lzzy Hale sat down with Metal Hammer to share the life lessons she learned throughout her music career. During the chat, the singer revealed her secret fear: That people will find out she is a ‘dork from Pennsylvania.’ While talking about her impostor syndrome, she jokingly said:

“Sometimes I can hit walls and I can get depressed. I can have imposter syndrome, like, ‘Why am I even doing this? Someone’s going to find out that I’m just a dork from Pennsylvania. I can have all these moments, and then there will inevitably be the epiphany; ‘No, this is actually an amazing feat that you’ve accomplished, and you can take the next step if you want to.'”

Hale’s Battle With Impostor Syndrome

The singer grew up with anxiety. She was ‘painfully shy’ as a child, and began suffering from panic attacks, which took many years to be later recognized as part of these disorders. After forming Halestorm, she ‘forced’ herself to be on stage’ to overcome the fear.

Hale has opened up about her struggles with mental health many times before. In 2023, during an interview with Unmasked, Hale shared her struggles with impostor syndrome:

“I call myself a reformed introvert. Full-on anxiety attacks in school. I didn’t have a whole lot of friends. After we started the band, that became this armor that I could kind of put on, because I’m Lzzy Hale. I’m in a band called Halestorm. This is part of my identity.

She explained in detail how she deals with it when it gets too much:

“As a grown adult with a musical career, that is a shelter for those who don’t feel like they belong — the weirdos, the freaks. So it became a source of pride for me to be my truest self, as hard as sometimes that can be, which relates a little bit to my imposter syndrome. ‘Lzzy Hale, rock-star character up on stage in control of her life, they’re not gonna see that. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is. Barely made it out of high school. I know today’s gonna be the day that they all find me out.’ And a lot of times I have to say, ‘No. You are a part of this and worthy of being here.'”