Blue Oyster Cult’s Joe Bouchard Recalls Mick Jagger’s Private Party

In a recent interview with Rock History Music, Blue Oyster Cult‘s Joe Bouchard shared a story regarding Mick Jagger‘s private party in the Caribbean.

The rock ‘n’ roll scene is vast and transgresses borders, making it easy for young musicians to meet prominent artists who can provide guidance and inspiration. When Albert and Joe Bouchard established the Blue Oyster Cult, they were heavily influenced by the greatest rock stars of their time.

Specifically, Joe Bouchard was impacted by the British invasion and tried to incorporate that sound into their music and his solo projects. One of his idols was Mick Jagger, and he had the opportunity to meet him at a private party. As Bouchard recently shared, the New Year’s Eve party took place on a private island in the Caribbean in 2008, and he was invited by Mick Jagger himself.

While hanging out at the party, Jagger asked him about a 1975 Blue Oyster Cult show in the Slaughterhouse in Paris, France, which he had attended. Bouchard added that Mick Jagger was friendly and tried to socialize with him. Joe also mentioned that the parties during those days would last only 20 minutes, as then, everybody would move to another house party. However, he went on to say that no matter how many parties people attended, everybody would end up in Mick Jagger’s house.

Joe Bouchard’s words about the time he went to Mick Jagger’s private party:

“Well, I was down in the Caribbean and this private island, and he invited us to his New Year’s Eve party on the beach, and it was fantastic. He asked me questions about a show that he saw. This was 2008 and he was talking about a show that he went to see Blue Oyster Cult, in 1975 in Paris, France. He says, you know, there was a place, the Abattoir, the Slaughterhouse, it was this place in Paris, and the Stones played there after we played there.

So you know, generally he was just nice and gracious, and I was playing at a party at a friend’s house on the beach; the parties only last about 20 minutes in these places. I can’t tell you everything, but the parties would be at one guy’s house, and then everybody goes to the next guy’s house, and they have another 20-minute party, and then they finally end up at Mick’s house.”

You can see the interview below.