Lzzy Hale Expresses What She Loves About Led Zeppelin

Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale revealed her thoughts about Led Zeppelin during a recent interview with Revolver Magazine.

In the conversation, Lzzy pointed out that one of her favorite songs from Zeppelin is ‘That’s The Way .’ She said that people can feel where Led Zeppelin was when recording this song.

‘That’s The Way’ is a ballad song released back in 1970. It was featured in Zeppelin’s third studio album, ‘Led Zeppelin III,’ recorded in three different locations, mainly at a country house in Headley Grange using the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio and Island and Olympic Studios in London.

One of Lzzy’s favorite Zeppelin songs song was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. As Lzzy said, Led Zeppelin sounds very comfortable with themselves throughout the record. Especially in ‘That’s the Way,’ she feels that they had settled down and were just talking about their feelings during the recording sessions.

Furthermore, the frontwoman mentioned that Led Zeppelin feels so natural and comfortable because ‘they are not trying to be anything that they are not,’ which is one of the reasons why they are so good at creating new songs.

Lzzy Hale on Led Zeppelin and her favorite record:

“One of my favorite songs on this is ‘That’s the Way.‘ It’s such an amazing performance. And the record is so good. What I love about Zeppelin is that you can listen to their entire catalog and kind of see where they were at in the moment.

They were so comfortable with themselves, and especially on this record they kind of settled in and were just talking about what they were feeling at the time. It feels really natural and comfortable and they aren’t trying to be anything that they’re not. So I just love the record.”

Further in the conversation, Lzzy also mentioned other artists such as Alice Cooper and Aerosmith and explained how these musicians shaped her career back in the days.