Lita Ford Gives New Update About Her New Album

In a recent interview with Uvalde Radio Rocks, Lita Ford opened up about the release date of her new solo album. Mentioning the delay in releasing the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Living Like A Runaway,’ she said:

“Well, I just did an interview a little while ago and I was just saying that there’s a lot of pieces of the puzzle in moving forward with things, especially now in the music industry, there’s so many moving parts and stuff. So I just need to have all my ducks in a row before I try to release this record.”

About the progress of the record, which was originally planned for 2023, the singer went on:

“And I think just recently, I wanna say just over the last couple of weeks, the missing link and the biggest pieces of the puzzle, besides me, have been found. And we’re gonna be moving forward real soon with this record. Of course, the holidays always throw a wrench in the spokes. And so we’ve gotta kind of wait for the holidays to get over with. And then we get on with the rock and roll.”

She also pointed to a 2024 release:

“I think we’re gonna have a new Lita record in ’24. I was hoping for ’23, but I didn’t find those missing pieces of the puzzle. So, this year, we found them this Thanksgiving. So we’re on. We’re moving up.”

The New Album’s Recording Process

In addition to her backing band, including Patrick Kennison, Bobby Rock, and Marty O’Brien, Ford reunited with guitarist/producer Gary Hoey for this album. The members worked on the record through a period that coincided with the pandemic and the deaths of some team members.

Speaking of the recording sessions of the upcoming album during a chat with ‘THAT Rocks!’ in August, the ‘Kiss Me Deadly’ singer shared:

“The problem is we’ve had so many things happen over the last few years. Our manager died; George Marshall died a year ago, [in] ’22. And then my songwriting partner died. And it’s just been devastation. But we take all that pain and everything, and we just put it right back into the album.”

She said they worked on the drum parts in Minneapolis during the Black Lives Matter incidents and the COVID-19 lockdown and added:

“And so the record is almost done. [There are] a couple things I have to fix and change. And it looks like we might be signing with Frontiers [Music Srl]. But they’ve got to do me right before I put pen to paper. And they’re pretty cool over there. So, we’re talking March release. 2024, March release.”

Plans For The Supporting Shows

Meanwhile, Ford and her band are also getting ready for new shows to support the upcoming record. About the concept in her mind, the singer explained:

“Well, what I would like to do is put together a theatrical show, sort of like a rock guitar opera kind of thing. It’s been done before and different bands have done it before, but I think in this case, it might be a little different and just to bring the whole show not to life just for audio, but for visual reasons also.”

She also mentioned the performance dates:

“So we’re going to go into rehearsals mid-November and start putting that together for 2024, the Lita Ford rock guitar rock opera. I’d love to have Hoey with me too if I can get Gary Hoey to [do] the tour.”

You can check out Lita Ford’s full interview below.