Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Says Paramore’s Hayley Williams Has Some Of The Best Stage Presence

Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda recently answered some of his fans’ questions during a recent Discord live stream. One of his fans wanted him to reflect on his thoughts about Paramore frontwoman Hayley Willaims‘ solo career. So, the musician shared what he thinks about both Williams and her band Paramore’s music.

Paramore released their latest fifth studio album ‘After Laughter’ on May 12, 2017, and the band got critical acclaim even though they slightly changed their musical style in this album. The band decided not to produce their usual pop-punk and alternative rock sound and created upbeat and vibrant sounds by combining them with their themes. During the band’s break to working on the albums, Williams began focusing on her solo career.

Therefore, Williams released two solo albums, ‘Petals for Armor’ on May 8, 2020, and ‘Flowers for Vases / Descansos’ on February 5, 2021. Both records marked the beginning of the musician’s solo career, and it was a triumphant entrance to the next step of her artistry as two albums found themselves a place in US Billboard 200.

Mike Shinoda was asked about Paramore and its lead singer Hayley Williams during a recent live stream. The Linkin Park icon stated that he liked her solo works less than the most recent Paramore album but didn’t forget to praise the frontwoman’s voice and stage performance as a very successful musician. He highlighted Hayley Williams’ extraordinary voice and unique shows, leading audiences to connect with their music.

Moreover, the Linkin Park icon admitted that he’s not a huge Paramore fan, but he appreciated their latest record, which he could see the band’s departure from Warped Tour music. The term he coined for the band’s style can refer to the touring music festival, Vans’ Warped Tour, which mainly gives place to alternative and punk rock musicians and bands.

Shinoda shared his opinion on Williams, saying:

“I think Hayley is just such an insane artist. She’s got a great voice; she’s got some of the best stage presence. If you’ve never seen Paramore live, she’s totally on her level when it comes to presenting songs and holding the interest of a crowd.

What I feel like it is a lot of times is, in a sense conducting, like she is choreographing and conducting the emotional arc of a night, just leading people through something special and staying in sync with what your music is about. She does an incredible job with that. If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth checking out. Her vocals are perfect live, and it just feels effortless. It’s nice.

I probably like it less than the most recent Paramore album. I’m not like a huge Paramore fan, but the most recent Paramore album was good. I’m just not a big Warped Tour music fan, and they came from that in the beginning. I didn’t like the music, but I liked the singer, but when they started moving away from that, I liked it better.”

You can watch the video below.