Liam Gallagher Sends Well Wishes To Former Oasis Drummer After He Suffered A Heart Attack

Tony McCarroll, the former Oasis drummer, recently announced on Twitter that he had a heart attack, and his ex-bandmate Liam Gallagher got in touch with him and sent the drummer his love and best wishes.

McCarroll was in the original lineup of the band Oasis, and he stayed with the band until 1995, when he was finally let go. There were some conflicts between Liam Gallagher’s brother Noel and McCarroll at the time they became famous. Apparently, Noel bashed McCarroll’s drumming skills and showed fans that he is not good enough to be in the successful band.

In October 2010, the drummer released his biography about the time he was in Oasis and revealed his experiences with the band. The biography included their times before they were famous and stories about the conflicts in the band.

Recently, McCarroll had a heart attack on Wednesday night and was rushed to the hospital on Thursday. Although he still hasn’t recovered fully, he thanked the National Health Service and stated how lucky he felt to get the treatment he needed.

Here is how he fully announced his heart attack:

“Hi, All. Wanted to let you know I was admitted to the hospital on Thursday after suffering a heart attack on Wednesday night. I’m not quite out of the woods as yet but just want to give a massive big up to our National Health Service. We are more than fortunate to have such a service! Thank you!”

Liam replied to the news stating:

“Tony, it’s Liam Gallagher. I hope you’re ok. Stay cool, sending you love.

And McCarroll answered:

“Cheers dude! Gonna be ok hopefully! Thanks for getting in touch! Big love! x”

Fans were worried about his condition and shared their get-well-soon wishes. However, they also wondered about the reasons behind his heart attack and whether it was related to the COVID-19 vaccine. It is unknown whether the drummer is against the vaccine, and thus, the reason remains unknown.

You can see the tweets below: