Liam Gallagher Responds To Dua Lipa’s Oasis Diss

Liam Gallagher took to X to comment on Dua Lipa’s recent criticism of Brit-Pop artists’ behavior towards female pop singers. Asked to share his thoughts on being called ‘obnoxious’ by the ‘New Rules’ singer, Gallagher wrote:

“I’ve been called worse.”

The talk continued online, with fans asking the ex-Oasis member for more details. In response to the ongoing questions, he remarked about Lipa:

“She’s just jealous.”

As news reported Noel Gallagher criticizing names like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Adele a few times in the past, an X user challenged Gallagher’s view by writing:

“Come off it, Dua Lipa’s one of the biggest pop stars on the planet – she’s not jealous of you, and she has a fair point, Liam. You and Noel were utterly obnoxious in the ’90s and ’00s, and many other men in Britpop bands were misogynistic pricks.”

To this, the artist replied:

“She’s jealous we can swear and tell people to f**k off, and she can’t.”

Dua Lipa’s Criticism Of Brit-Pop Bands Like Oasis And Blur

These remarks followed Dua Lipa’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, where she discussed her new album and the impact of Brit-Pop bands like Oasis and Blur.

During the chat, the pop singer also pointed out the ‘obnoxious’ and sexist behavior of some names like Noel Gallagher, criticizing their approach towards female artists:

“I haven’t had any encounters with them, actually. Sometimes, you have to separate the art from the person… It’s more like the music element, the aspect of it that I’m really connected to. The way that [some Brit-pop artists] acted, the things that they’ve done, they’re obnoxious for sure. That’s their whole thing.”

She added her thoughts on the era’s cultural norms:

“There’s so much toxicity in the way people wanted their artists or their musicians. If they weren’t like that, they would’ve been seen as boring, and I think that’s such a bad way to see things.”

Gallagher did not comment further on Lipa’s statements but continued to answer fan questions on various topics, including his upcoming collaboration with John Squire. The singer’s next single with Squire, ‘Mars To Liverpool,’ will come out on Friday.