Liam Gallagher Blasts ‘Desperate’ Artists Making Music For Streaming Platforms

In a new conversation with NME, Liam Gallagher criticized artists who make music to become famous in streaming services.

The singer spoke on his latest collaborative record with Stone Roses’ John Squire, saying:

“I’m glad there’s only 10 songs on the album. I think when you start doing more songs you take the foot off the gas on certain songs. Everything went into these 10 songs.”

Liam Doesn’t Want To Look Desperate

When the interviewer said that some artists add extra songs to albums to be more popular, Gallagher responded:

“Well, they’re just teacher’s f*cking pets, aren’t they? We’re not here to be f*cking famous and try to break into China, go up against f*cking K-pop and that. We don’t wanna be f*cking breaking out into too many sweats, you know what I mean? We’re at a certain age now. We don’t wanna look desperate.”

As the album is short, Gallagher and Squire’s concerts are also short. They last less than an hour each night. They don’t play any Oasis or Stone Roses songs, except for one cover of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.’

Fan Reactions To Liam’s Album With Squire

When Liam and John released their first song from the album, ‘Just Another Rainbow,’ some listeners reacted negatively. Liam replied to the hate in a post on X, writing:

“Hate will soon turn to love. It always does. LG, x.”

He told the following about comments to the song in a separate post:

“They are just trying to be cool. I’m like that; sometimes I write sh*t thinking it makes me cool.”

Gallagher also previously said that Squire got him into music again, even though he had plans for a year break. He stated in his chat with Guitarist magazine:

“I mean, obviously, without the Roses, I wouldn’t be here. They got me on my musical path and that, so I thank them 24/7, you know what I mean? I was gonna have a year off after Knebworth, but when John rang up saying, ‘Look, I’ve got these tunes.’ I thought, I’m in, mate!”

Liam and John’s joint effort arrived on March 1. Following the release, they went on a tour in the UK and Europe. They also played a show in North America on April 11. Liam confirmed that they will perform at Glastonbury this summer.