Elton John Shares A Video Performing BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance’

Sir Elton John shared a new video on his official Twitter account to show that he took BTS’ challenge to sing ‘Permission to Dance.’

‘Permission to Dance’ is a song released back in June as a stand-alone single, and it is the third song BTS released as a single. Right now, the track has been streamed over 240 million times on YouTube.

The newly released song got 72.3 million views on the first day and became the sixth-most viewed YouTube video in the first 24 hours after their ‘Boy with Luv’ featuring Halsey.

Recently, BTS challenged Elton John to sing ‘Permission to Dance’ via Twitter, and Elton finally responded to the shoutout and thrilled the fans with his incredible voice. Even though the cover was only seven seconds long, it was enough for most BTS fans.

Furthermore, Elton also wrote the song’s lyrics as a caption and showed that he really likes the track and is not just singing it because they challenged him. With this gesture, Elton also showed why he is so widely loved by millions worldwide.

Sir Elton John only wrote the lyrics as a caption:

“When the nights get colder, and the rhythms got you falling behind.”

You can check out the post and ‘Permission to Dance’ below.