Lemmy Kilmister Quit A Project To Defend The Fizz, Jay Aston Recalls

In a recent interaction during NME’s trivia challenge, ‘Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?!,’ Jay Aston of the Fizz recounted an unexpected encounter with heavy metal legend Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead.

Responding to the quiz question of which heavy metal icon had described Bucks Fizz as a band like Oasis, Aston correctly responded by saying Lemmy. She proceeded to share an incident from her appearance on the popular television show, ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ Identity Parade, where Kilmister made a grand gesture in her defense.

According to Jay Aston, during the filming of the show, Lemmy abruptly left the set due to the panelists’ disrespect towards her. This event, which was not broadcasted on television, was edited to minimize its severity. Aston revealed that Lemmy later approached her and expressed his regret about the way she was treated by the panelists.

At the time, in the late ’90s, Bucks Fizz was experiencing a dip in popularity, and many were hesitant to associate with them. Jay fondly remembered Kilmister’s act of solidarity during this challenging period. Shortly after the incident, the late musician extended an invitation for Aston to meet him at his studio in Los Angeles. Despite not taking up the offer, she appreciated the kind gesture.

The question in the quiz is as follows:

“In 1998, which heavy metal icon described Bucks Fizz as a band ‘very like Oasis‘?”

Aston replied:

 “Would that be Lemmy?”

She continued:

“I did the ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ Identity Parade, and there was a scandal over it because Lemmy got up and walked off the set because the panelists were being really rude to me. It wasn’t shown on TV, and recut, so it didn’t look so bad. But Lemmy came up to me and apologized: ‘I’m really sorry how they’ve treated you.’

In the late ’90s, Bucks Fizz were going through a down phase where people didn’t want to associate with us and bless him; Lemmy really stood up for me. Not long after, he invited me to meet him in his studio in LA. I didn’t go, but I thought it was nice. It was a bit of an odd analogy between us and Oasis, though! [Laughs]”

Jay Aston also mentioned Kilmister’s unexpected comparison of Bucks Fizz to the rock band Oasis. While she found it amusing, she didn’t elaborate on why she thought the analogy was peculiar. So, in their brief interaction, Lemmy supported Bucks Fizz rather than being rude as the show crew did.