Lars Ulrich’s Son Layne Explains His Plans For A New Career Move

With the rhythm of their father’s drums still beating in their hearts, Layne and Myles Ulrich stepped out into the rock world with dreams as big as the stage they hoped to conquer. In their recent interview with Kerrang!, they revealed one of those dreams but stressed that the future remains uncertain.

“At some point, we want to move to England,” Layne said, revealing their future plans. “So many of the bands we love are from over there, so we want to be there and make more music that makes me feel the way the music we love makes us feel.”

The ambitious brothers released their debut album on November 4, 2022. Taipei Houston’s ‘Once Bit Never Bored’ was perceived as an innovative blend of bass, drums, and vocals that showcases the brothers’ ability to create a unique and powerful sound. The album features fast-paced, energetic tracks that are tightly synchronized with Myles’ drumming. It has a strong rock-oriented sound, with elements of blues and garage rock.

One of the other reasons that their debut album was well received was that the brothers had paid a creative homage to the music of the past, channeling the spirit of ’60s rock and roll with their own unique sound. So, considering their passion for the rock and roll culture of that period, their plans to move to England are not surprising.