Lars Ulrich Reacts To Fans Teasing His Hairstyle, ’It’s Not A Mullet, Never Was!’

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich took his official Instagram account to share an old but gold picture of himself to talk about his hairstyle.

As you can see in the picture below, Lars was smiling towards the camera and looking so young with his long hair. He was wearing a blue top that suits his style and wearing a golden necklace to combine his outfit.

Furthermore, long hair was a fashion for rock and roll back in those days, and it was the time that Lars’ hair was the longest. However, the discussion was if his hair was a mullet or not.

In the caption, Lars cleared the air about his hairstyle and said that it wasn’t a mullet, and he never did mullet on his hair. He said that it was just long hair with shorter bangs.

Here is what Lars Ulrich said:

“For the 612th time… No, it’s not a mullet, never was! Just long hair with shorter bangs. 🤪 Somewhere around ‘89…”

Click here to reach out to the picture.

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