Krist Novoselic Recalls Dave Grohl’s First Jam With Nirvana, ‘It Just Fell Into Place’

In the August 2021 issue of Uncut, Nirvana’s bassist Krist Novoselic has remembered the time when Dave Grohl jammed with Nirvana for the first time, saying ‘it just fell into place.’

As is known, Nirvana’s iconic album ‘Nevermind’ will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year in September. The album was released back on September 24, 1991, as the second studio album of the band which has sold over 30 million copies around the world. One of the most acclaimed albums of the time, ‘Nevermind’ became an unexpected success after its release, topping the charts and selling nearly 300,000 copies a week.

Speaking to Uncut, Novoselic has remembered the first time when the band first jammed with Dave Grohl. He described that moment saying it flowed, sounded good, was immediate, and just fell into place. He then said it just seemed natural to work with Dave, and he is such a good musician. Novoselic also recalled that Dave knew the Bleach material when they were already writing songs for ‘Nevermind.’

He said they had some songs and Kurt had some ideas for the others, adding they were really serious about rehearsing. Novoselic then recalled that they rented a barn in Tacoma which was a decent place to rehearse, and the band went in there being serious about working on the new records.

After being asked about what was the first time he, Kurt and Grohl worked together like, Krist Novoselic said:

“It flowed, it sounded good, it was immediate. It just fell into place, there was no awkwardness. Dave is such a good musician, he rose to the occasion – or we rose to him, whichever way it happened. It just seemed natural and Dave was easy to hang out with. I think he moved in with Kurt. That took a lot of courage, to move into an apartment with him!

Dave knew the Bleach material, but we were already writing songs for Nevermind. We had some songs: some we would just make up on the spot, others Kurt had some ideas for. We were really serious about rehearsing. We had this barn in Tacoma that we rented. Somebody had tried to make it into a studio and hadn’t got very far, but it was a decent place to rehearse. We went in there and we were serious about working on the songs.”

There are rumors that to mark the 30th anniversary of ‘Nevermind,’ Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl are going to get into the studio to record an anniversary reissue of the album. Novoselic is known to confirm these rumors though, saying that there might be a surprise that he does not want to spoil, and they are still putting a possible reissue together currently.