Munky Says Jonathan Davis’ Melodic Sense Is His Strong Point

Korn rhythm guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer talked about their process of creating a melody and rhythm for their works with the lead guitarist Brian Welch during his appearance on United Rock Nations. Also, he surprised his fans by saying that singer Jonathan Davis is very good at finding the right melody.

James ‘Munky’ Shaffer, Brian Welch, and Jonathan Davis have known each other since they founded Korn. Shaffer had worked with the other founding members Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu and David Silveria in a funk metal band called L.A.P.D. The band has released thirteen studio albums, and Korn members’ creativity, harmony, originality, and talents as musicians and songwriters have drawn significant attention from their peers and successors.

In his interview, Shaffer detailed his collaboration with Brian Welch while working on their songs’ riffs, melodies, and rhythms. He said that sometimes he writes a rhythm, and the lead guitarist finds a melody for it or vice versa. The Korn guitarist unveiled that Jonathan Davis surprisingly has a very strong sense of melody, which he found incredible, especially when it’s ‘dissonant or off sounding.’ Munky added that Davis is always in the studio and experimenting on different sounds and melodies even though he’s a singer.

Furthermore, their fans will also witness this harmony and collaboration between the band members in Korn’s upcoming fourteenth studio album entitled ‘Requiem,’ which will be released on February 4, 2022. They had dropped two tracks from the new album, ‘Start the Healing’ and ‘Forgotten,’ which received very positive reviews from music critics and their longtime dedicated fans.

Here’s what the host asked:

“In terms of songwriting, how did you divide the roles between you and Brian?

Shaffer stated in his interview that:

“Well, a lot of time, I come up with a rhythmic idea, and this is something that was kind of unsaid. If I come up with the rhythm, he’ll usually try to fit a melody around it and weave something interesting, or he’ll come up with a rhythm and idea, and I’ll try some sounds or noises. I’m not going to call what I do melody. Sometimes I get lucky.

This is Brian’s strong point, his melodic sense. Jonathan too. Sometimes Jonathan writes melody over a part that Brian and I think ‘how did you even come up with this?’ because it’s so dissonant or off sounding that the tonality is kind of atonal. And he’ll find one thing, a string that’s a note or two notes and pull on it and uncover this melody that Head and I were like ‘Wow, incredible.’ That’s again just from experience and him being in the studio, experimenting with the right people. You gotta have the right person helping you.”

You can watch the interview below.