Korn’s Jonathan Davis Opens Up About Losing His Wife Due To An Accidental Overdose

In his recent interview with Revolver Magazine, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis expressed his feelings about his late wife, Deven Davis. The musician mentioned one of the band’s albums that he worked on during this challenging time and revealed his mental status.

For years after divorcing Renee Perez, Jonathan Davis married Deven Davis in 2004, and they had two children named Pirate and Zeppelin. However, their relationship couldn’t continue as the singer filed for divorce in 2016. Later, it was revealed that the couple’s relationship was destroyed by domestic violence and substance abuse. Shortly after the frontman faced a tragedy, he decided to reflect on his music.

Davis’ estranged wife Deven passed away because of an accidental overdose caused by a lethal combination of different drugs on August 17, 2018, at 39. Her death devastated her family, friends, and husband even though they were going through a divorce. The singer’s mother, Holly Marie Chavez, also died at that time, and it was the beginning of dark times for him.

Korn released their thirteenth studio album ‘The Nothing’ on September 13, 2019, and Davis stated that it’s part of his grieving process. The band’s fans defined the record’s song ‘Finally Free’ as a tribute to the beloved ones that he lost. Recently, the Korn frontman admitted that the record wasn’t fun to make, but it’s great to work of art. David said he found the love of his love who’s taking care of him, although he knows that that can end too like everything else.

Davis reflected his feelings, saying:

“I think it’s an amazing piece of art. The listener can hear me deal with and work through my grief. It wasn’t fun to make. I was in shock. I was in disbelief. I was in all kinds of emotions. I felt so horrible for my sons. All those things, but you know what, I dealt with it in that record. Once it was done, I was done with that. I faced that pain and everything head-on.

I will be honest. I wasn’t in a very happy place or happy relationship in that situation with Deven. It was brutal, and I was being abused. It was a very bittersweet situation. Now that that’s happened, I’m not saying it’s good, and I’m not happy about it, but what happened, happened, and my children are flourishing.

I found the love of my life, someone that takes care of me has got my back, and I’ve never had that. I feel this crazy, weird feeling that I’m not used to calling happiness. It’s weird. I’ve had up periods, and this is an up to one, but I always know I will get slapped across the face again around the corner. I’m armed with the tools to deal with it a lot better now.”

You can listen to the mentioned song below.