KK Downing Says Rob Halford Approached Him To Form A Band After Threatening Him With Legal Action


During a recent interview with Rock Hard Greece, Judas Priest’s former guitarist K. K. Downing recalled the time when Rob Halford wanted to form a new band with him after Judas Priest lawyers making threats of legal action over KK’s Priest name.

As is known, K. K. Downing has left Judas Priest on April 20, 2011, due to conflicts between him and the band and an ongoing breakdown of their relationships as well as the lack of quality of their live shows. According to him, there were at least 21 reasons why he left, but he didn’t explain further the exact reasons for his departure. The band then kept going with Richie Faulkner as a replacement. Although Downing claimed it is uncertain whether he will join the band again in the future, he left the door open for a reunion.

After his departure from the band, Downing took a break from the music scene until the formation of his new project called ‘KK’s Priest’ which is a name alluding to his former band. He stated the reason he chose this name saying he was and will be a Priest always and he didn’t want to break his ties with the band. He was joined by ex Judas Priest singer Tim Owens, Hostile guitarist A. J. Mills, Voodoo Six bassist Tony Newton and Deathriders’ Sean Elg for the project.

Speaking to Rock Hard Greece, K. K. Downing has talked about those times, claiming he was threatened by the remaining members of Judas Priest with legal action because of his new project’s name. Downing said that the band’s lawyers sent him a letter threatening him with legal action if he continued to use the name KK’s Priest, which they did not follow through.

KK Downing stated that he believed the reason for it was that they wanted to stop him from forming the band. He then continued saying after a couple of weeks of his departure, Rob Halford reached out to him by a letter asking him to form a new band with Arch Enemy’s Jeff Loomis. Apparently, Downing received the letter but then ignored it.

K. K. Downing said in the interview that:

“I’ve been on that journey. So, I believe that I have a right to continue as a Priest, because some of the guys in Priest now, I haven’t met them, and they’re playing my songs, which is fine. But if they have a right to be a Priest then I have a right.

“Their lawyers sent a letter to my record company making threats of legal action if I went forward with KK’s Priest. But for the moment, nothing happened. I think they made the threat but decided not to follow through. They made the threat to stop me from making the band.”

Downing then added:

“A couple of weeks after I walked out, Rob and his manager wrote me a letter. They wanted me to form a band with Rob and some other musicians. Jeff Loomis was one. I can’t remember the names. But I got the email… I just ignored it.

Downing’s band KK Priest’s upcoming debut album titled ‘Sermons Of The Sinner’ will be released on August 20, 2021. The two singles from the record which are ‘Hellfire Thunderbolt’ and ‘Sermons Of The Sinner’ have already been released by the band.