KISS’ Paul Stanley Suffers From A New Injury

Some medical conditions might be more common than you would think, and more recently, osteophytes, also known as bone spurs, are having their moment on KISS’ Paul Stanley. The musician shared with his fans on Twitter that he had just undergone bone spur repair surgery to get rid of them after going through the wringer.

As Stanley mentioned in his tweet, former Los Angeles Lakers player Shaquille O’Neal is no stranger to bone spurs or repair surgery for the same issue. The famous player underwent a surgical procedure called a cheilectomy to remove bone spurs that caused a lot of pain and even restricted the joint motion in his right foot in the early 2000s.

Stanley, who just underwent the procedure, gave O’Neal a shoutout as he also suffered from bone spurs before getting rid of them in the past. The good news is that after finally being free of the uncomfortable situation, the KISS singer informed fans that he would be in a much better condition in two weeks.

In his tweet, Paul Stanley said the following about his health condition:

“Bone spurs! They really hurt. Just ask Shaq! They’re gone now. How do you get rid of them? They cut open your skin and grind them off! 2 weeks, and I’ll be fine.”

For his fans on social media who might not be familiar with the medical condition, Stanley shone a light on what the procedure to remove the bone spurs was like and how long it would affect him before he was back on stage. Even though it’s not the most complicated surgery, it’s still one nonetheless. Luckily, it appears like the frontman will be back to his regular self in a short time.