KISS’ Paul Stanley Addresses The Danger Of Censorship And Silencing People

KISS’ Paul Stanley shared a post on his official Twitter account to express his thoughts on cancel culture. The rocker thinks it is more dangerous than it wants to cancel.

Cancel culture has become a globally disputed idea over the past several years. It is chiefly related to canceling a public figure, organization, brand, or anything else due to an issue that a community or group finds offensive. These prominent figures or other associations face a severe public backlash, often fuelled by social media, blocking them from having a notable career.

For some people, the publicly canceling and boycotting process through collective action has become a powerful tool for social justice. However, it has spun out of control for others, becoming senseless rather than speaking the truth. It is also a common thought that the cancel culture might be causing more problems than ending them due to the cases where protesting overshadowed critical thinking.

Paul Stanley also addressed this controversial topic in his recent Twitter posts by calling it a dangerous phenomenon. The rocker doesn’t think of it as an effective way to provide social justice. On the contrary, Stanley sees it as a form of censorship and a tool to silence people. According to him, it is not the right way to reach the truth since it goes no further than empty talks.

Stanley’s Twitter post read:

“Day off, and I find myself thinking ‘cancel culture’ is more dangerous than what it wants to cancel. Is censorship and silencing people okay if you believe you’re right? That is a slope we’re already slipping down. You defeat lies with truth, not gags.”

You can check out the tweet below.