Kirk Hammett’s Favorite Horror Movies That He Wants To Remake

Rock musicians usually build a reputation with their outstanding vocal talents, unique playing style, or songwriting. They become respected members of the music scene with their exceptional styles and performances. However, their lives don’t revolve around music, and most of them have some interesting hobbies they pursue during their spare time.

They usually like trying new things and taking up new hobbies to boost their creativity. Some of these hobbies may seem ordinary to you, but others may surprise you. For instance, it is widely known that Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett highly enjoys horror movies and has great knowledge of them. He once even created a list of movies he would want to remake.

What Are Kirk Hammett’s Favorite Horror Movies?

In 2019, Kirk Hammett joined a conversation with Cosmo Music and talked about how much he likes watching horror movies. He was asked which classic horror movies he would recommend and named his top three. Hammett’s first recommendation was the first ‘Frankenstein’ movie, first screened in 1931.

The film was a huge commercial success and received very positive reviews shortly after its release. It is still accepted as one of the greatest movies of all time. Hammett praised the movie’s terrifying atmosphere and said that it is still an incredible horror movie. Then, Kirk Hammett chose the first ‘Dracula’ movie as his second recommendation.

The film premiered in 1931, and it is based on the stage play ‘Dracula’ written in 1924. It also gained vast commercial success and has left a great impression on popular culture. Especially Bela Lugosi, who played Count Dracula, turned into a cultural icon. Kirk Hammett also praised Lugosi’s unforgettable performance and said he did a great job.

Later on, Hammett continued with his third recommendation, ‘The Mummy.’ The film premiered in 1932, and although it was successful at the box office, it received mixed reviews. It was criticized by some for its negative portrayal of Eastern culture. Kirk Hammett praised the horror icon Boris Karloff’s acting in the movie, who appeared as the character Imhotep. Hammett also thinks that the film’s subplots were really good.

Here are Kirk Hammett’s words on his favorite horror movies:

“The first ‘Frankenstein’ movie is incredible and holds up even to this day in terms of atmosphere and story and pure creepiness. The first ‘Dracula’ movie holds up in terms of story, and Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula. His performance of Dracula, there’s nothing that ever topped it. There are people who have played Dracula since Lugosi and do a really, really great job, but Bela Lugosi will always be the guy.

I would also say ‘The Mummy.’ That movie, it’s great. It has a subplot of reincarnation and another subplot of romance. I can do without the romance part. Karloff’s portrayal of Imhotep, the reincarnated version of the mummy, is so evil and so creepy. It’s amazing.

However, as it turns out, Kirk Hammett is not only interested in watching horror movies. After listing his favorite ones, Hammett continued to talk about his interest in entering the horror movie industry and reflected on his future plans.

Is Kirk Hammett Thinking Of Directing A Horror Movie?

During the conversation, Kirk Hammett was also asked whether he would like to direct or produce a horror film. He replied by saying that he would definitely love to do that one day. Hammett explained that music is an essential part of his life, and it takes most of his time. Thus, if he could find enough spare time to make a movie, he would certainly consider it.

Hammett said that besides finding time for it, he also needs sources to finance it. The guitarist revealed that he already has the soundtrack, so a small part of the project is already completed. Hammett expressed that it is very challenging to gather all the components to produce a movie, and it requires hard work.

Later in the conversation, Kirk Hammett added that he might consider remaking a horror movie. He said he doesn’t like most of the contemporary remakes, as they have weakened the storyline. Hammett highlighted that the new ‘Pet Sematary’ and ‘Evil Dead’ were not good enough for him. If he could do it one day, he is sure that he would do a better job.

Kirk Hammett on producing a movie in the future:

“Absolutely. I’ve just got to get my shit together. I have to prioritize, and at this time, music means so much to me and is an obvious strength for me. But I think I could make a really incredible horror film. One, I need to find the time. Two, I need to find someone else’s money. I already have the soundtrack, so part of the work is already done – would be a huge pleasure for me.

I’ve just got to get it together and find a script and start doing all the groundwork – and that’s a lot of work. Ask Slash; ask Rob Zombie… If I decided to remake a film, I would not water it down like so many other people do these days. The new ‘Pet Sematary’ is so watered down; the ‘Evil Dead’ remake was so watered down.”

You can watch the full conversation he joined below.