Kid Rock Threatens A Man Spying On Him: ‘We Are Watching You’

Kid Rock is being spyed.

The musician recently took to X to share a picture of a man he took and claimed he was spying on him. As a response, Rock wrote that he was watching him too:

Hey buddy, are those binoculars you are casing my property with? We’re watching you too. I live right at the corner of ‘F*ck around and Find out.'”

Some users mentioned the man was probably out birdwatching:

“Dude’s probably out bird watching. You sound paranoid.”

And some supported Rock:

“Good thing you’re locked & loaded.”

Some Mentioned The Bud Light Incident

A few commenters mentioned the recent Bud Light incident under the post. One person wrote:

“Yeah, man! Just like Budweiser f*cked around and found… OOPS! Now you proudly wear their gear. Always a sellout, eh Richie Rich?”

Another added:

“I can see someone shooting beer cans again.”

Rock slammed Bud Light in April 2023 for teaming up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Bud Light had sent Mulvaney a special crate of beer to celebrate her first year living openly as a woman. As a result, the musician shared a footage of himself shooting at cases of Bud Light with a gun. In the video, the singer wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap and joked that he was ‘feeling a little frisky today.’

Months after this, he was caught drinking the company’s beer. When asked about it during an interview, he said he never boycotted the brand.

Stalkers Are Increasing

The musicians and rockers getting stalked and spyed on have recently been increasing. A few months ago, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx went through a similar experience.

Sixx mentioned that he and his family encountered threats and were stalked by a woman from Tennessee they had never met her before. According to his statement, the woman aimed her threats at his wife and child and claimed to physical harm and kill them. In an Instagram post, Sixx mentioned that the FBI was investigating the stalker.

He also wrote that there was a second stalker from a different part of the country. The threats that included his wife and children were, in his words, ‘beyond alarming.’

You can see Kid Rock’s post below.