Kelly Hansen Offers An Open Invitation For Past Foreigner Members

Foreigner vocalist Kelly Hansen had an interview with Houston Press, and he made an open call for the past members of the band while talking about their guitarist Mick Jones’ situation:

“We always want him to be there whenever possible. Mick is still the architect of this band and is there whenever he can be there. And any past member is also welcome to come on and jam with us. We’re kind of making a statement about the legacy and history of this band.”

However, at least one of the past members expressed his negative opinions about accompanying the group. Former Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm told what happened when he joined their tour in 1998, and how it was ‘hell’ for him:

“Then, they said, ‘And we’re so glad you’re clean and sober. We were really worried about you.’ And I looked on the table, and I see the lines and the Stoli bottles and everything, and I kinda rolled my eyes up to the back of my head, and I said, ‘Thanks so much for that,’ and walked back to my little room. So, I was isolated and, because I was clean and sober, ostracized. That was a tour from hell for me. It was horrible.”

In a separate interview, Gramm also shared his opinion on Mick’s health conditions, and shared his personal opinion on his previous band:

“I know his health; he’s had his ups and downs. And I don’t understand how they can be touring with no original members and still calling themselves Foreigner and going on for years like that. I guess it’s not my business, and maybe it is a business decision for them, but it just doesn’t feel right to me.”

You can read the whole article here.